A post for Genna and Morgan on the occasion of the great Easter egg hunt 2012

-1/3 radians microcosm

*an explanatory note for readers of my blog! For years now, we’ve been doing an Easter Egg hunt for our children. This doesn’t involve just hiding the eggs and telling the children to go find them. No. This involves anagrams, pictograms, puzzles, charades and various other cruel and unusual punishments before we will let the children locate and consume chocolate goodness. The children love it, and this year, we have had to do the hunt on Easter Monday as the big 4 children were with their other parents. The news that we were going to do a hunt (even though they weren’t with us) generated a rousing chorus of cheers. Three hours later and we are still generating clues and have yet to hide eggs.

For anyone (in NZ) who can correctly suggest where Genna and Morgan should look,  I’ll send an Easter egg!

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2 thoughts on “A post for Genna and Morgan on the occasion of the great Easter egg hunt 2012

  1. Stephen

    Working together, the girls managed to solve this with a few clues, some googling, and plans to ban me from setting clues next year.

    Was it too hard for a pair of bright 13 & 15 year olds who like puzzles?

    • I think the fact that they managed to solve it suggests it wasn’t too hard for them. We may have to start work earlier next year to top it though!

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