Simple pleasures – growing your own food

The husband, it turns out, not only has a green thumb, but likes to use it. I am not a gardener, but am perfectly happy to reap the rewards of his efforts. This summer, we had so many tomatoes that after we were able to make a vast amount of relish, passata and used tomatoes in every meal for weeks. One of the nicest things about our garden is the year-round herb garden just outside the kitchen door. Even when it is pouring with rain, you can still nip and out and pick a selection:


I was taken with how beautiful these looked when the sun came out:

Chives after the rain

We have vegetables as well:

Perpetual spinach - slightly smaller leaves but keeps on growing.

And some fruit. Last year, we had about 5 strawberries, but this summer we have had a steady amount.

And it looks like we have more to come yet, even though it’s officially autumn now:

We also have two bay leaf trees. Tree number one did not appear to have taken and didn’t grown very well for the first couple of years, so we brought in a second. Apparently, the first tree was just lonely, because it has sprouted and grown, as has the new tree:


The family and I love the fresh flavours our herbs add to our meals, and we’re very pleased that there are a couple of gardeners amongst us. Grubbing in the dirt and planting makes for a fun time too, even for those of us who can’t grow things to save our lives!

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