Try a little kindness…

Kindness seems to be the theme for this week. I keep reading blogs which are talking about being kind. So I thought I’d do a blog around for you all today! Our overriding principle in our family is “BE KIND” and these posts really echo that for me.

Harvard Blog Review – Bill Taylor   – This one came my way via Linked In, and I loved the sentiment and the story. I also like the question it asks – why is it so rare that people are kind, that we notice it and it becomes a big thing?

Becoming Supermommy – I really enjoy this blog, because amidst the hilarious stories about avoiding spiders, raising twins and a newborn, and surviving huge life events, there is also a fair amount of outspoken opinion. I like that in a person and a blogger. This is a blog post about how we are unintentionally unkind to other parents, and looking at ourselves to see how we can do better.

The Wordslinger – this guy writes beautifully and loves sports, but actually this post is a guest blog while he’s on paternity leave. Alison shares her feelings about kindness.

I’ve been challenging myself this week to be more kind: to share smiles with strangers on the street; to ask if people are OK; to be kinder in thought, word and deed. Well, as long as it doesn’t involve answering the endless “but Mum, WHEN will you buy me more Lego?” question with anything more than “when you can ask more nicely and deserve it!” which of course leads to epic my-world-is-over meltdowns.

Glen Campbell really said it well:

You got to try a little kindness
Yes show a little kindness
Just shine your light for everyone to see
And if you try a little kindness
Then you’ll overlook the blindness
Of narrow-minded people on the narrow-minded streets

Don’t walk around the down and out
Lend a helping hand instead of doubt
And the kindness that you show every day
Will help someone along their way

And here’s a video if you can’t remember the tune – but be warned it will stick in your head for days!

What are you going to do to be kind to someone else today? And do you think kindness is important in this day and age?

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