A post for Genna, Nick and Morgan on the occasion of the Great Easter Egg Hunt 2013

Easter4 Easter1 Easter2 Easter3*an explanatory note for readers of my blog! For years now, we’ve been doing an Easter Egg hunt for our children. This doesn’t involve just hiding the eggs and telling the children to go find them. No. This involves anagrams, pictograms, puzzles, charades and various other cruel and unusual punishments before we will let the children locate and consume chocolate goodness. It also involves all 6 children going in 6 different directions at once AND obeying the rule that if they find someone else’s egg, they are a) not to remove it and b) not to tell the other person. The children love it, and this year, it has been really special as the three older children (16, 14 and 14) are doing the hunt for the three younger children (12,6 and 6). Makes our lives easier. Of course, it’s 10pm, and we are just getting started now…

For anyone (in NZ) who can correctly suggest where Genna, Nick and Morgan should look,  I’ll send an Easter egg!

PS This is in honour of our current family addiction to 4 Pics 1 Word

PPS No Easter Bunnies weer harmed in the making of this treasure hunt

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4 thoughts on “A post for Genna, Nick and Morgan on the occasion of the Great Easter Egg Hunt 2013

  1. It seems like Easter eggs hunts are important in NZ 🙂 I had one in my fiancé’s family even though the youngest present was 24!

    I must admit I’m not sure I get your clues, but I’ll try anyway: were the eggs hidden in some pockets before or after the washing?

    • Maybe it’s a particularly Kiwi thing! We don’t normally do it for the adults in our family, although the girls this year did one for my husband that kept him busy for an hour solving it! You are very close with your answer – the eggs or clues were in the washing machine! Send me your address to lisa@aklnz.net and I’ll send you out an egg! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Vicki Cotton

    Funny I have a vivid memory of Dad (unless it was you?) hiding eggs in the washing machine at Rua St… We got Toni’s boys to do the hiding for us this year. No clues but it still took us an hour to find them all, sneaky little sods!

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