Sydney Lights

On a recent work trip to Sydney, I was stuck in a meeting room for the better part of five days. By the time evening came around, all I wanted to do was be outside. I was staying in York St in the central city and luckily for me, a colleague was also staying with me and knows Sydney very well. Our routine quickly involved an early-ish dinner and then a good sized walk. Sydney CBD is a great place for walking and felt very safe even though our walks were after dark (it was marginally cooler then). On our first night, we walked down to, and around Darling Harbour. The place was absolutely buzzing, even on a Monday night and reminded me of a larger version of Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour, with restaurants all around the edges of the water. I’d been there in daytime before but at night, it was just beautiful.


On our way back we stopped in at the QVB (Queen Victoria Buildling) which was originally conceived and built as a marketplace and now houses several floors of exclusive shops, a train station underground, some lovely stained glass and scrollwork, a spectacular dome and two rather amazing clocks. Happy to report I could name all the English Kings and Queens in the dioramas, although I did think that it was Sir Walter Raleigh being knighted but later research revealed it was actually Sir Francis Drake.

On Tuesday night, we decided to go a little further afield and head to the Circular Quay and on to the Sydney Opera house. Although I’ve been to Sydney many times, it has generally been for business trips where I’ve stayed out of the central city and have had no time to do anything ‘touristy’. As a result, although I’ve seen the Opera House from the Harbour Bridge, I’ve never actually been up close and personal as it were. That has now been remedied.

Finally on Thursday night, I caught the train across to Milson’s Point and from there, walked across the Harbour Bridge and back. It’s always a nice walk and a treat to be able to walk across the bridge. Here in Auckland, in order to do that, they have to close the bridge! No photos from that walk, but there was a lot of sweat and red facedness as we did the 5.2km at what seemed like a good pace.


This was taken from the Opera House a couple of nights earlier…

The company was excellent – my work colleague and a friend – and the sights were beautiful. Thanks Sydney, it was a lovely visit.

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